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dear_islam's Journal

Fruit of Islam
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These are the rules of the community that have become required due to the misbehavior of deliberate troublemakers.

1. No slurs.
2. No posting of obscene pictures or pornography.
3. No ad hominems. However, attacking the irrationality of another's post is fair game. Also, several of you are just spoiling for a fight so if a big flamewar ensues, I am sure you are big enough boys and girls to handle it without too much outside supervision.
4. No 'chip on shoulder' behavior (i.e. extreme trolling).
5. No comment disabled posts.
6. Lengthy posts must be lj cut. Anything longer than a monitor's height and a half should be lj cut. To learn how to do that, just click this link.
7. Off topic posts may get deleted.

Thank you.

coldblackncold is the moderator. Any questions should be addressed to him, preferably in email form.